Root Canal Therapy

Trust the team of root canal Columbia SC dental professionals at Carolina Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry when you need root canal therapy. Root canals can be very painful, and it’s important to have them removed before the infection grows. Set up an appointment with us to have the root canal removed in a comfortable environment by expert dentists. Dr. Marshall Fields and his team work hard to ensure that every patient feels comfortable when they entire the office and that the dental services each patient receives are effective and of great quality.

What is a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment is designed to remove the infection and decay that has occurred within the root canal of a tooth. Inside the tooth is a soft tissue that commonly becomes inflamed or infected and causes pain for individuals. A faulty crown, a crack or chip in the tooth, a tooth injury, are just some of the reasons as to why the soft tissue has become damaged.

In order to treat the damaged root canal of a tooth, dentists advise that the patient undergoes a root canal treatment. During the treatment, the infected or inflamed inner soft tissue is removed, the canal is cleansed and disinfected, and then sealed with a rubber-like material. Once the root canal has been repaired, a crown or filling for protection is placed on the tooth.

Root canal treatments are relatively pain-free and require less discomfort than a full tooth extraction. By using modern anesthesia techniques, most patients say that they experienced no pain during the procedure!

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