At Carolina Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry we are always on the cutting edge of technology. We are pleased to offer a new and revolutionary way to detect and find cavities. DIAGNOdent allows us to replace the old ways of finding cavities and replace them with an innovative means of detecting cavities.

DIAGNOdent technology uses a laser diode to inspect the patient’s teeth. It compares reflection wavelength against a healthy baseline wavelength to uncover tooth decay. The initial reading is taken by aiming the laser onto a healthy enamel tooth surface and then the laser is directed into all irregular areas.

This technology quickly identifies the tiniest bit of tooth decay. DIAGNOdent allows more effective and efficient fillings, more conservation of the current tooth structure, and providing a specific means of monitoring suspicious areas without multiple x-rays. This technology can give you a piece of mind knowing that your cavities can be found in an easy, efficient, and cost effective way.

High Magnification Loupes

At Carolina Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry we provide superior services and cutting edge dental technology. The use of magnification in dentistry provides increased image size, which allows us to visualize things not otherwise visible to the naked eye. Magnification not only improves the quality of care provided to patients, but also expands the range of treatments that can be offered.
The Benefits of Magnification include:

  • Magnified Image
  • Enhanced Illumination
  • Increased Precision
  • More Accurate Diagnosis
  • Improved Dental Care

Intraoral Camera

At Carolina Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry our dental professionals have extensive training and expertise with the latest dental technology. While X-rays provide valuable information that we can’t get from any other source, they can’t show you everything that’s going on in your mouth. That is why we have invested in the intraoral camera. This camera is a highly advanced diagnostic instrument that allows you to see what we see inside your mouth.

The intraoral camera hand piece is the size of a dental mirror. It has a built in light source and serves as a tiny video camera that allows us to zoom in on your teeth high a magnification level. It is like getting a video tour of your entire mouth. The images are displayed on a monitor, so you will be able to see problems such as cavities, broken fillings, inflammation from plaque build-up, calculus (tartar) and much more.

Dental Technology X-Ray

Digital X-rays

Instead of X-ray film, digital radiography uses a digital image capture device. This gives us the advantages of immediate image preview and availability, elimination of costly film processing steps, high quality images, and efficient computer storage capability. The digital x-rays will allow you to confidently view your mouth in a convenient and cost effective way. Even though x-ray films are safe and effective when used for diagnostic purposes, digital x-rays emit 80% less radiation.