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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

A full mouth reconstruction may be necessary if multiple implants and other procedures for teeth are needed. A full mouth reconstruction is usually done over multiple appointments and is a serious undertaking to consider if you feel that you may need one. Read on to learn about our frequently asked questions about full mouth reconstruction surgery.

What is a full mouth reconstruction?
A full mouth reconstruction is the rebuilding and reconstruction of teeth in the upper and lower jaws. Oral reconstruction is usually done in several phases over time and can involve a combination of a number of surgical procedures. These cases usually involve all of the teeth in the mouth.

What kinds of procedures may be done?
Veneers – a layer of material is used to protect the already damaged surface of the tooth
Crowns – a cap for either a tooth damaged by a large cavity or dental implant.
Inlays/Onlays – both refer to fillings for cavities
Dental Implants – a man-made replacement for the root of a missing tooth.
Dental Bridges – a partial denture that replaces a missing tooth (teeth) by adhering it to adjacent teeth or implants

Sedation dentistry techniques may be used to help speed up the process. These techniques are pain-free and often patients feel like they are sleeping through the procedure.

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How do I know if I need a full mouth reconstruction?
A consult with your physician will determine whether you need a full mouth reconstruction or only some of the above procedures. Unlike a smile makeover done through cosmetic dentistry, a full mouth reconstruction is a necessary procedure to provide optimum oral health.

I need a full mouth reconstruction. What next?
1) You will go through a thorough examination with your dentist and, if needed, other dental health professionals such as a periodontist.

2) Once the necessary procedures are determined, your teeth will be prepared for these procedures. In some cases they will need to be filed to make way for veneers or bridges. In other cases orthodontics may need to be applied to make room in the mouth to straighten teeth.

3) You will receive a temporary model to place over teeth to protect preparations and help you get used to your new bite. This will also aid in keeping activities such as eating and talking normal over the time it takes between procedures.

4) Full reconstruction may occur of a period of weeks or even months. Sedation dentistry can be used to conduct several procedures in one sitting, but it will still take time to complete full mouth reconstruction. During procedures the temporary models used will be replaced with permanent reconstruction, leaving you with a beautiful and healthy smile.