Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Are you looking for a straight and perfect smile? Then dental implant surgery may be the best way to create that beautiful smile. They create beautiful strong teeth down to the root. Read more to find out whether implants are the right decision for you…

What is an implant?
A dental implant is a man-made replacement for the root of a missing tooth. Modern dental implants look very similar to actual teeth and provide greater functionality than dentures or bridges alone. They also provide the strong supportive structure that natural roots provide, which makes bridges and crowns more effective.

How are they made?
Dental implants are made from titanium. In the 1950’s it was discovered that when titanium is within or against bone, over time the bone will meld and adhere to the metal. This makes titanium an excellent material for use in dental procedures. Modern dental implants are titanium screws in the shape of a tooth root that are placed into the jaw bone. Eventually the bone will adhere to the titanium that will cause a natural and sturdy tooth root replacement.

Your other teeth are also not changed in any way with a dental implant. This is untrue for bridges which require the shaving down of adjacent teeth or dentures which require a metal clasp to the adjacent teeth.

What can they do?
Implants can do everything that your natural tooth root can do. A dentist can build a new tooth on top of an implant using crowns or dental bridges. And the new tooth will have just as much function as any other tooth you naturally have.

Do I need one?
If you are missing a tooth or teeth from the root of your mouth then it is more than likely that you will need one. Of course it is always best to discuss this with your dentist.

Missing teeth can cause a multitude of problems:

  • Difficulty eating or chewing
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Movement of the adjacent teeth
  • Increased risk for decay and gum disease
  • Jawbone deterioration at the site of the missing tooth
  • Embarrassment

A dental implant is the best way to prevent all of these problems. It will also give you the most natural smile of all of the other solutions. It is best to replace missing teeth as soon as possible to prevent the above problems from occurring – the longer you wait the harder it is to use a dental implant effectively.

Prosthodontics, Implant Dentures, Partials

Dentures can enhance the quality of life and appearance of those who have lost all of their teeth. Partials are similar devices used to replace groups of missing teeth while natural teeth are still present. Dentures can be customized with a variety of tooth sizes, shades and shapes and fitted over implants for extra security. Our team of dental professionals have years of experience fitting and creating dentures, which requires precise measurement and a high degree of skill. If you are considering or in need of dentures or partials please contact us.